Genome-to-Library Prep

BioDynami NGS Genome-to-Library Prep Kit (illumina platform)

The BioDynami NGS Genome-to-Library Prep Kit (illumina platform) was developed for construction of high quality libraries for next generation sequencing. The kit uses intact genomic DNA (EDTA-free DNA or DNA resuspended in TE buffer) as input DNA without an additional DNA fragmentation step. Our technology provides a fast and simple workflow. DNA libraries can be generated around 2 hours with only 10 min hands-on time. Library multiplexing up to 192 samples is possible.

The incorporation of DNA fragmentation in the kit makes it possible to directly use intact genomic DNA as input DNA without the need of mechanical DNA shearing or enzymatic DNA fragmentation. Genome-to-Library Prep Kit does not generate sequencing bias as compared to library using mechanical sheared DNA as input. Sequence coverage is also consistent between enzymatic shearing and mechanical shearing.
Kit features:
     • Fast: Library construction from intact genomic DNA to NGS library
         - Hands-on time: ~10 min
         - Total time: ~1.5 hr
     • Intact genomic DNA as input, DNA fragmentation is not needed.
     • Works with both EDTA-free DNA samples and DNA samples in TE buffer 
     • Simple work flow: Two reaction steps for library construction
     • Guaranteed quality: Higher library conversion efficiency
BioDynami NGS Genome-to-Library Prep Kit -11A
 Library conversion efficiency: 100 ng, 300 ng and 500 ng of intact genomic DNA were used as input.
BioDynami NGS Genome-to-Library Prep Kit -12A
 The library size is inversely correlated with the incubation time of step 1 at 20°C.
 BioDynami NGS Genome-to-Library Prep Kit -13D
NGS data comparison: enzymatic shearing versus mechanical shearing

Enzymatic shearing
•  DNA shearing and library prep: BioDynami Genome-to-Library Prep Kit

Mechanical shearing
•  DNA shearing: Covaris sonication
•  Library prep: BioDynami NGS DNA Library Prep Kit.

Product Name
 PCR primers
 PCR reagent  
 Genome-to-Library Prep Kit (illumina platform, with non-index primers & PCR reagent)     
non-index primers 
 Genome-to-Library Prep Kit (illumina platform, with index primers & PCR reagent) 
index primers 
 Genome-to-Library Prep Kit (illumina platform, with dual index primers & PCR reagent) 
dual index primers