MagSi-DNA beads can be used as a solid phase support phase in DNA extraction and purification protocols by using a simple bind/wash/elute principle. They are intended for own development of protocols and available with a range of physical properties and a silica or carboxyl modified surface.
MagSi-DNA kits are meant for the extraction of genomic DNA from whole blood, saliva or vegetal material.
Finally, we offer a range of PCR Clean-upDNA Size Selection and Dye-Terminator removal options.


Fast and Cost-effective Extraction of Genomic DNA from blood

MagSi-gDNA blood kit allows fast and cost-effective extraction of genomic DNA from a wide range of sample volumes. The paramagnetic bead-based kit can be used on whole blood samples drawn in EDTA-, citrate- or heparin tubes. Due to the ready to use reagents and simple protocol the kit is easy to use and easy to automate. As a linear volume to volume ratio is used between whole blood sample and reagents, it is possible to use the kit in any situation where genomic DNA out of blood is needed.


  • •Suitable for whole blood, drawn in Citrate-, EDTA- or Heparin tubes
  • •Reproducible, high yield of DNA – up to 8 μg from 200 μL fresh or frozen whole blood
  • •Excellent purity, A260/280 = 1.7-2.0
  • •Suitable for many genomic applications including PCR, DNA sequencing and Southern blotting
  • •Simple bind-wash-elute procedure
  • •Protocol easily adjustable for different sample volumes
  • •Manual and automated use
  • •Safe sample handling with minimal user input
  • •Also suitable for isolation of DNA from saliva, serum/plasma and cultured cells


Easy to automated

•Compatible with many different automated liquid handling systems (e.g KingFisherTM, PrimaRWS®, PIPETMAX® and JANUS®)
•Short and easy protocols
•Suitable for small, medium and high-throughput automation
•Variable volume sample input possible


Product Starting Material Average Yield Preparation Time
MagSi gDNA blood kit Up to 200 μl whole blood 3 – 15 μg, depending on the blood sample (storage and source) A260/A280: 1.7-2.0 Approx. 20-25 min. after lysis


This magnetic bead-based kit is a fast and economic purification system for extraction of genomic DNA from mammalian samples. The MagSi-gDNA blood kit includes magnetic beads, buffers and Proteinase K, and is easy to automate for high-throughput processing.

Art.No. Product Volume
MD60001 MagSi-gDNA blood kit 96 96 preps
MD61001 MagSi-gDNA blood kit 10 x 96 10 x 96 preps
MD62001 MagSi-gDNA blood kit 10 x 960 (bulk) 10 x 960 preps